Why I Made a Blog

AJ staring over the city of Dayton, OH

Welcome to AJWire.com!  The site where music, movies, marvels, and more magical mysteries matter.

Before you continue on reading this, you should know a bit about me.  I have multiple, multiple passions – Marvel and DC comics, Seattle, Music (mainly rap), movies, and occasional occurrences in the world.  A lot of posts will feature these, but expect some curveball posts about whatever is on my mind.

Of course, a lot of my first readers will know me personally.  They are either thinking two things: either “yes, finally he can shut his mouth about all this comic-crap,” or “Who the hell gave him the idea to post his opinion on the internet for the world to see?”.  I did.  Me.  You’re welcome.

So basically, prepare for a lot of comics, comedy, and other creative conversations that the citizens of the United States of America enjoy.  So here is to the jumpstart of AJWire.com!

 Why I Made a Blog

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