Fan Cast: Marvel Heroes!

Heroes, Villains, Sidekicks, Oh my!  The Marvel Cinematic Universe is exploding right now.  Phase 2 just finished up and we are moving onto Phase 3, where we will see Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and an all-out fight between several Marvel Superheroes!  Not only that, but you have Netflix building their own Marvel atmosphere. They are building the Defenders, which feature Daredevil, Luke Cage/Power Man, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones.  My inner fan girl is coming out of me as we speak!

However, if you think like me, you are always craving for something more in the universe.  I see actors and their potential to be a total badass if somebody gave them the chance.  I’d pay good money to see Hollywood take this list and make it a reality.  You think I am joking, but I am not.  Make it happen Hollywood!

That being said, here are 6 dream casts for the Marvel Universe!

1.) Charlie Hunnam as Iron Fist
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For those of you who don’t know who Iron Fist is (or you are too lazy to read his full bio), he is a martial arts master that can, with concentration, enhance his abilities beyond normal human capacity.  He can also heal himself, fuse consciousness with other people, and with enough focus, cross dimensions.

Crazy right? He is set to have his own TV series on Netflix where he will be connected to the Daredevil series, which already took off and received many favorable reviews. Netflix also has a soon to be released AKA Jessica Jones film series where Luke Cage will also appear.

So why Hunnam?  He definitely has the look of a hardcore badass and has proved it in Sons of Anarchy.  We can see that he has the martial arts aspect down from his part in Pacific Rim.  He has already received multiple requests from fans to play Danny Rand in the new show hitting Netflix soon.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Who is Iron Fist you say?  Check him out here!

2.) Daniel Day Kim as Namor

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Namor is basically the Aquaman of the Marvel Universe, except he is actually useful. He is the King of Atlantis and has worked with the Avengers, Defenders, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four.  He has super human strength, speed, and agility.

When I look at Kim, I can easily see Namor.  He has the look of a leader and the physical look of an athlete.  Daniel Day Kim is most known for his role in the Lost series, but he has great potential to pull this king off. Namor has yet to be in any Marvel movie, so hopefully Kim can create the Sub-Mariner in a future film.

Full Namor Bio



3.) Justin Bartha as Weasel
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Jack “Weasel” Hammer (not to be confused with Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2) is one of the lesser known characters in the Marvel Universe.  The ultra-tech computer nerd went to college with Peter Parker (AKA Spiderman,), After failing at life, he turned to a life of crime by helping villains with intellect, weapons, or other various skills, mainly to the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool.  

Deadpool Approves


Justin Bartha would have been perfect for this role.  In National Treasure, he WAS Weasel – tech-savvy, computer hacker, and broke the law multiple times (you know, stealing the Declaration of Independence doesn’t sit well with some people).  I do not know when, if, or how Weasel will be incorporated into a Marvel film (perhaps Deadpool????), but there isn’t another guy that could pull off Weasel better than Bartha.  See his bio here!

4.) Terry Cruz as Luke Cage
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The name Luke Cage alone is intimidating.  And that fact that he has that he is has impenetrable skin and superhuman strength with the nickname of “Power Man” makes him a nightmare for bad guys.  Ooh, I’m getting goose-bumps now just thinking about it!

Terry Cruz is Luke Cage.  His packed body and aggressive voice can make Luke Cage come to life.  The only draw back is that his past role’s make him a bit of a goofball, especially his persona on the Old Spice commercials and on Brooklyn 99, where he now resides.  Like Iron Fist, Luke Cage will be joining the Defenders in the Marvel Netflix Universe with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and now the Punisher.  Sadly, Luke Cage has already been casted, and it is not Terry Cruz.  Instead, it is Mike Colter.  He ain’t a bad look for him though…
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But who is Luke Cage, the Hero for Hire?  Here is his full here!


5.) Jamie Foxx as Blade
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The Blade Trilogy existed from 1998-2004 and had mediocre reviews, but considering the last movie was made ten years ago, I feel like a reboot is in order.

Blade is a Vampire Hunter that is basically half vampire.  He is immune to vampire bites along with superhuman attributes (super strength, agility, you get the gist). Under his belt he has martial arts and street fighting skills.  As you can tell by his name, he also has a sword that he uses to hunt down the vampires

Jamie Foxx is good at being intense, and he is not stranger to Marvel movies, as he played Electro is the Amazing Spiderman 2 (and did very well I may add).  Now just give him some shades and some sharp swords and black cloak jacket and bam!  He is Blade, the Vampire Hunter.



However, I would rather not see him in a movie – I feel like he would connect with the Netflix series more than the Avengers, especially now that the Punisher is involved.  They could either mix really well or be bitter enemies – either way he would do perfectly.   With the Punisher as a hothead and Blade as Mr. Cool, they could really make the sparks fly!  Pray with me brothers that the good God will make this happen.

Full Blade Bio here!

6.) Drake Bell as Spiderman
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Unlike all the other people on this list, Drake Bell has had experience playing his character.  Drake Bell has played Spiderman in the recent tv show Ultimate Spiderman and he truly talks, acts, and mocks his enemies exactly like Spiderman.  He has the look for Peter Parker.  Yeah, he may be too good looking, but so was Andrew Garfield and he nailed Spiderman pretty well. Unlike Terry Cruz, Peter Parker is natural goofy and sarcastic and Drake Bell excels at that (and the fact that Drake’s name in Drake & Josh is Drake Parker. Coinicidence? I think NOT!)
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Sadly, Spider man has also been casted and will soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America 3: Civil War (AKA The Avengers 2.5, which I am totally psyched about!)  If he can pull off Spidey like the past two successors is still to be determined,
Tom Holland will play Peter Parker/Spiderman in the upcoming Captain America 3: Civil War. Courtesy of



Do you live under a rock?  Here is Peter Parker’s bio!

Dare to tell me different?  Comment and agree or disagree!

 Fan Cast: Marvel Heroes!

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