Why I Hate Christmas

Its December.  Only a couple weeks left of the year and the holidays are vastly approaching.  Christmas carols appear on the radio, snow begins to fall, Salvation Army puts out their red kettles next to local stores, and children anxiously wait in line to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.  Families reunite, children celebrate their first ornament on the tree, and glee in awe as they look at all the Christmas lights on the house.

In a weird way, I consider myself kind of an old-school guy.  Yes, I am only 19, but I still prefer to buy CD’s versus buying songs off of iTunes.  I prefer to watch the show when it aires versus recording it and watching them later.  I enjoy classic rock and some old-school hip hop versus todays pop “music”.  It doesn’t make sense, but I prefer to do the older ways simply because I feel like that is how they were originally meant to be done.  Maybe I have a sense of hatred towards technology?  I don’t know.  I feel like an elderly man as I scream “these dang kids keep turning up their trash music, running wild through the streets making’ all this noise!”  That’s when I realize that these were my friends…

Personally, I love Christmas.  I love everything I wrote above.  Now, I don’t sit down on Santa’s lap and tell him what I want, mainly for the fear of being judged and being escorted by security, but I do try to make all the Christmas traditions happen in my home.  I have no problem at all with Christmas.

It’s the evolution of the holiday that I cannot stand.

Earlier this week I was driving around with the radio on.  I sit there listening and this Christmas song came on.  It was a song I haven’t heard in a while, and as I listened to the lyrics, I began to loathe it more and more and more.  I eventually turned it off because I was sick of the ideas it brought about Christmas.  It kept singing about all the stuff they wanted, how they couldn’t wait to get it, and how Santa would hop down the chimney and bring all the stuff they always wanted and they would be happy as long as they got it.

Yeah.  For about a week.

Every year we go through the same-old cycle:  Christmas comes, we want stuff, we really want stuff, we get it, we are happy, then we want more stuff.  All in about a month.  My mother asked me to make a list of what I want for Christmas and I sat there thinking “You know, there is not a lot of stuff I want.  I am actually pretty comfortable with what I have.”  People make Christmas into a shopping-spree, special deal, I-just-have-to-have-it season.  While the whole time I am sitting there, puzzled, wondering why I don’t want the new Camero or the new movie that everybody wants.

Don’t get me wrong, I find nothing bad about buying gifts for others.  Actually, that is one of the thing I love about it.  I swear, I have spent nearly $200 on gifts that only needed about $100.  Sorry, I am a generous guy, I can’t help it.  Go ahead and buy stuff for your children, your friends and your relatives, bring smiles to their faces.  Christmas should be filled with joy and gratefulness, not sourness and greed.

The attitude of this generation drives me crazy.  Look back at Thanksgiving.  No, not Black Friday.  Thanksgiving.  How much time did you spend with your family?  How much time did you go shopping?  Did your time favor Black Friday shopping?  That is what wrong about this generation.

Let me go a little sermon on you.

Christmas represents the coming of the Christ.  Big deal.  Actually it is.  For Jesus, a GOD, to come down to OUR planet, save US from our sins, grants us a FREE passage to heaven instead of suffering in hell, and then RISES from the dead to have a connection with US: we are petty, pathetic, miserable, stupid, reckless immature species that do what we want and cry about it when we don’t get what we want.  We gossip and complain and are unsatisfied of all that we have, everything we have earned.  We kill people, steal from people, commit every single evil crime ever recorded in any type of history…

And he still chose us.

That is the greatest Christmas present anybody can ask for.

I urge you, my audience, to take time to not only write down all the stuff you want for Christmas, but go see your family.  Go buy presents for others.  Go out and play in the snow.  Think about Christmas not as a materialized holiday, but a day of remembrance and grateful for everything you have: your life, your family, your job, your health, your security, your shelter, your education, your economy, your city, the list goes on and on and on.

Go out and celebrate Christmas.




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 Why I Hate Christmas

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